TASC: For Owners: Should I Get a Somali?

  • Finding a Reputable Breeder
  • Purchasing a Pedigreed Cat or Kitten
  • Kitten or Adult?
  • Somali Breed Profiles
    • The Somali, profile from PetsMart, by Janet van Groos
    • The Somali, a Berry Lovely Cat, from Cats and Kittens Magazine
    • Somali Breed FAQ, frequently asked questions and answers about the Somali cat
    • Somali Description, by Karen Smith, Pypurz Somalis- mainly anecdotes of Somali antics
    • Somali- The Feline Fox, by Nancy Bailey, Foxbrush Somalis- a description of the Somali's personality, a short history, and pictures of Somalis in the four traditional colors
    • Somali, brief description from Petnet.com
    • Somali, by Tracey Biscontini, from PetsMart.com
    • Somali Cat Library, a collection of Titles of magazine articles & books about the Somali cat

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