February 9-10-11, 2018

Friday 6 rings/250 cats
Saturday/Sunday 12 Continuous Format rings/500 cats

Summary Sheet

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Address: (required)
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Benching Request:
Not guaranteed; only one (1) benching request. please.

Regular Entry – Expires February 5, 2018 (or when maximum entry is reached)

1 Day
(Friday Only)
2 Days
(Sat/Sun only)
3 Days Total Amt
1 cat (includes ½ cage – no ½ pop ups or grooms allowed withoutpurchase of extra ½ cage) X @ $105 @ $115 $
2 cats, same owner (includes 1 full cage) X @ $210 @ $230 $
THREE CAT SPECIAL, same owner(includes 2 full cages) X @ $300 @ $320 $
4th and additional cats, same owner (4 cats, 2 full cages, 5 cats 2 ½ cages, etc.) X @ $35 @ $35 $

Junior Exhibitor Entry- One entry only at this rate

Junior Exhibitor Entry
JE's Name
(Includes entry to both shows, extra 1/2 cage & JA Ring, if applicable. This rate is valid through the regular closing date. And the JA must show his/her own cat at the show and could be required to steward.)
$75 $

Additional Items

Number Amount Total
Additional ½ cage $25 $
Double Grooming Space/Sales Cage $35 $
End of Row (free to handicapped exhibitors) $20 $
Catalog Advertising (Business Card, black & white) $5 $
Marked Catalog - E-mail ONLY- $10 $10 $
Ring Sponsorship- $50
$50 $
Club Donation (Thank You!!) $
Total- If you are using PayPal, write this number down. You will need it for the next step. Address for payments isToledoShow@AOL.com. Or make checks payable to Glass ciTICAts and mail to
Miguel Vasquez
3525 Orchard Trail Dr.,
Toledo, Ohio  43606
(phone 419-343-9854), (E-mail toledoshow@aol.com)

***PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS! Once summary, entry or payment has been received, you are contracted to pay all fees, even if you fail to bench!

I am available to clerk:
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I have a child available to steward:
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