Planting day was 4 May this year, 11 days ahead of last year, when we planted on the "traditional" day for this area- 15 May.
1 June...growing well!
Our First Tomatoes
7 June
Same two tomatoes, I think!
Dad predicts they will be red in “another week or so”.
14 July
The light things on the ground are cornhusks.

Tomato Towers

This year Dad bought new tomato cages! But it soon became apparent that the tomatoes were going to outgrow them, so he bought more and Tomato Towers by wiring cages together.

Basil...because man does not live by tomatoes alone!

We have 18 basil plants, 11 of which are growing in a record crate lined with a litterbox liner!
This year we are trying cilantro, and hopefully we will have enough tomatoes for some yummy pico de gallo!!
Gigi expressing her view on a sampling of the 1999 crop. She may not think so, but trust me, it was much better than the 2000 yield. We hope for better things in 2001.

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