Abacab, or The Abster, or Abster-Peanut, is a ruddy Abyssinian female who was born in 1990. She was supposed to be the foundation queen for Desert Moon cattery but she was never destined to be a breeding cat. It took me four years to figure that out!

Ab was my first show cat. I wasn't really sure if she was show quality or not, having little knowledge of the standard and cat showing, but I could see no obvious, glaring faults, so we gave it a try. Ab wasn't crazy about it and eventually I retired her, after she made it pretty clear at one show that she'd rather stay home and eat potato chips!

Ab is a typical active, busy Aby who likes to be into everything and EAT everything, especially things she shouldn't eat. She likes turkey, cheesecake, ice cream, and is downright obnoxious about potato chips and French fries! I think I could have made a show cat out of her if I could have convinced the judges to wave French fries in her face instead of cat toys!

Ab is a healthy 16-year-old, except for some tooth problems. She sleeps on my bed at night, shares my food, and occasionally scares me by sneaking outside to chase birds or munch on grass. Some Aby and Somali breeders insist that Abys and Somalis are not lap cats, but Ab will happily make herself comfortable on our laps as we watch TV at night.

Like all of my show cats, Ab has a musical name. She was named for an album and song released by Genesis in 1981. When I was showing her regularly, a good online friend made a set of cage curtains for her, which had the "abacab" album art on the inside back, and her name quilted in an apron that hung down to cover the cage trestle. I used them even after I stopped showing Ab, because I liked them so much!

After giving Ab a long break from the show ring, I decided to try her at a small show in New Hampshire. She had tough competition in the form of a younger and prettier ruddy Aby, but she made six finals anyway. I went there hoping she would finish her Grand Championship, but when I added up all the points, I discovered she is a Quad Grand. Only one more hurdle to go and she will have earned the highest title possible. Unfortunately, that hurdle is a BEST final, which is going to be hard for her to get.

The above photo was taken in January 2005.


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