Quinn is a blue Somali neuter who came to us from Canada in the fall of 1995. I got him because I loved Gigi so much that I “ordered” a blue one from their breeder. I wasn’t picky about whether it was male or female, just so it was a blue show cat! A month later Quinn was born, and when he was about five months old, my mother and I drove to Montreal to collect him (and show Gigi).

I don’t know what it is with me and dopey blue males! Is dopey behavior typical of blue male Abys and Somalis? My first dopey blue male was Bo the Blue Aby Homeless Dude, who got that rather long nickname because he had a penchant for sleeping on the heat vent in my floor, like a homeless man sleeping on a steam vent on the street. Now there is Quinn, who is just as dopey. He doesn’t sleep on the heat vent but just about anywhere else is fair game. He likes to sleep and in his spare time he takes cat naps. It’s a good thing he is not a big eater (which is unusual for a Somali), because otherwise he’d be huge. When he isn’t sleeping or napping, he is trying to run outside. Sometimes he makes it, but, dope that he is, he flops down as soon as he hits the front porch, so I can grab him and bring him back in. He also likes to sit in the side or front windows and chatter at birds, bugs, blowing leaves, whatever strikes his fancy. He has even been known to chatter at nothing at all.

Quinn, and my friend Karen Smith’s cat, Shadow, make up the Thud Brothers. We call them that because of their generally dopey attitude, clumsy stunts and "blue moments"!. The photo at the very bottom of Shadow’s page shows him in a classic Thud pose- snoozing away, enjoying himself, completely oblivious to his surroundings. It doesn’t get much more "Thud" than that, except maybe for the below picture. Quinn’s such a big dope it took a panoramic camera to get this shot!

Quinn's photo by Cheryl Leigh

(Actually, I had the camera set wrong, and did not mean for that to be a panoramic!)

Quinn and Shadow are not the brightest two bulbs on the Christmas tree but what they lack in brains they make up for in sweetness. They are both big mushy lovebugs.


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