Foxy is a ruddy Somali who has been with me since 1997. She is the youngest cat in the house, and without a doubt, the cutest! (Gigi is too regal and dignified to be “cute”!)

Foxy is a busy cat, who doesn’t like to be cuddled, held or confined. She prefers to wait for us to scratch the base of her tail in just the right spot, flop over on her side and then her back, for a tummy rub. She will play this game as long as a human is willing to play it with her. She also likes to jump on my back (she doesn’t jump on anybody else’s back) and lick our ears!

She is the best of my cats at amusing herself. She likes to play with cat teasers, and she has a funny way of carrying them around by the stick end instead of the teaser end, or pushing them around with her nose! She talks a lot, especially while playing with her teaser toys. Foxy sleeps on the bed at night with Ab and me, and enjoys helping me at the computer, especially walking across the keyboard while I am in a chat room!

Foxy is named for the Genesis album, FOXTROT, which was released way back in 1972. The music playing while you are reading this page is “Horizons” from that album. I tried a few other names before settling on that one, mostly because I really did not want a Somali called “Foxy”. But of all the names I tried, it fit her the best.

Update July 2007- Foxy is a Grand Premier! After a long vacation from CFA, I took Foxy to two shows this month. I didn't expect it, but after the Delaware show the first weekend, she was one point short of granding! I took her to another show where she got her last point, so she is now a GP and hopefully I can continue to show her.


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