As we were planning the new iris bed we realized that once the irises quit blooming in June, we would have nothing colorful to look at. I suggested daylilies. I knew nothing about them, but I kept running across people who grew them with irises. We bought one daylily at a local nursery, along with some other plants we thought would be interesting, and then my mother found an ad in the paper for a daylily garden. What an experience! They had field after field of them, we walked around with a list, checking off what we wanted, and they dug the plants right out of the ground for us.

Daylilies come in colors ranging from cream to black, but mostly reds, oranges and yellows. There are no blue ones. Doesn’t that just figure!

They’re very pretty, but I hope they don’t go crazy and crowd out the irises.

2009 update- in Bo's garden it's the irises that are crowding the daylilies.

2010- I divided most of the irses last fall so this year the problem is spiderwort! The daylilies have started early.

Siloam Double Classic
Mount Helena
Daydream Believer
El Desperado
Andrew's Love
Mae Graham
Double Kwanso
Gentle Shepherd
Prairie Blue Eyes
Siloam Merle Kent
Corryton Dance
Cenla Colorama
Pardon Me
Royal Ebony
Burma Moon
unregistered T&M seedling
Fun Fling
Summer Siesta
Chicago Apache

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