Delirious 1997
Delirious 1997

This was the first to pop up the spring after I planted the rhizomes, and probably the first iris I ever saw up close and personal! This flower bloomed again in 1998 but has not been seen since. I am afraid I lost the rhizome in the move from the side of the house (where they were serving as Grub Food) into whiskey barrels. The photo does not show the intesne purple color or how red those beards were!

Delirious and Bama Berry1997
Spiced Honey1999

Amigo 1999

This is really Helen Collingwood but it came to me labeled as AMIGO.

Sunny Days
Sunny Days 2000

Storm Chief
Snow Goddess 2000

This was a gorgeous large iris whose photo doesn’t show how bright white she was or the sparkling glittery markings in the falls. The friend who sent me these rhizomes originally thought this was STORM CHIEF.

Mystery Iris
"Mystery Iris" 2000

This iris popped up among some AMIGO stalks and she doesn’t fit any of the descriptions I got with the original rhizomes. This photo is too purple; in person the flower had bluer falls and the standards were light blue, not white. I hope she blooms again so I can get a better picture.

Helen Collingwood 2000

Captured Beauty 2001

This bloomed the first year and then I thought I had lost it.

Spanish Leather? 2001

Caliente 2001

Miscellaneous rhizomes dug out of barrels

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