Like all cats, Somalis and Abys sleep a lot. But when they are awake, life with them is never dull; in fact, even when they are asleep they are not dull!


There are a few misconceptions about these breeds floating around. One is that Somalis come from New Jersey. It’s a cute joke to tell a spectator at a show, especially a show in New Jersey, but it’s not quite right. Another popular myth says that Somalis and Abys are not lap cats. This is simply not true! Even my undersocalized Aby loves to nap on someone’s lap!


I am under there somewhere

Quinn and Ab watching TV with my mom
  Gigi is a laptop cat!
  Laptops, computers, VCRs...anything that generates heat is a cat bed.
  Cat Scan

A Cat Scan of Gigi
Note: No animals were mushed or otherwise harmed in the creation of this image.
  The DSS receiver is a favorite resting spot.
Here’s Bo...
  ...and here’s Gigi!

The dishwasher was a new one...
  They all like computer monitors!
  Ab 1990

Bo 1995
  Gigi 2000
Foxy 2001

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